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Laser dentistry is an efficient and precise method for tooth treatment. Using laser dentistry, our friendly dentist, Dr. David Wilhelm, can fully restore your teeth with new and optimized methods.

Laser dentistry can be used as a solution to many oral problems. These treatments include:

Crown Lengthening — Dental lasers can expose the tooth that is hidden under the outer layer of enamel in order to expose a healthier tooth structure. A dentist can use the smaller tooth as a foundation for a dental crown.
Filling Preparation — Lasers can create a space in the tooth that the dentist can place advanced tooth fillings in. A fantastic benefit of using a laser rather than traditional tools is that the lasers eliminate bacteria in the space they create.
Soft Tissue Folds — The gums often become folded and wrinkled with aging, making it difficult to apply dentures or other surgeries. Lasers are a painless option for gum fold treatment.
Benign Tumors — Lasers can remove benign tumors from the gums, teeth, palate, or cheeks.
Tooth Sensitivity — There are tiny open tubes that can cause this pain. Dental lasers can seal the tubes closed.
Teeth Whitening — The lasers can activate special and enhanced tooth whitening solutions
Cold Sores and Canker Sores — Lasers are very effective at zapping away these pesky mouth sores.

Ask Dr. David Wilhelm in Newport Beach, California, if a laser treatment is best for you. You can set up an appointment by calling our practice, Newport Dental Arts OC, at 949-752-1210.