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Acidic foods and drinks by nature are harmful to your teeth. The reason is due to the fact that acids in food can actually eat through tooth enamel. Every time your teeth are exposed to these harmful acids, more damage can occur, often immediately before you even have a chance to prevent it. Thus, the best way to keep your teeth healthy from acids is to remove acids from your diet.

Although foods are much more likely to have a low pH and high acidity, many drinks can be acidic too. Always beware what you are putting into your body as it can do just as much damage to your oral health as your physical health.

If you cannot control which highly acidic products are in your diet, do your best to prevent any damage they will cause. Always eat foods with high acidity during meal time, as large meals have a better chance of neutralizing the effects of the acids. Another wonderful way to neutralize acids in your mouth is by chewing sugarless gum. Studies have been done to show that an increase in chewing products such as chewing gum can increase saliva production, an important substance in our mouths capable of neutralizing acids.

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