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Are you aware that lasers have been around in dentistry since the early 1990s and continue to be used in a wide assortment of dental procedures today? Lasers provide a level of precision that is not easily achieved with the human touch, allowing services to be given that are extremely safe and effective. Here are a few tips about laser dentistry:

– Lasers are powerful enough to redesign gums and gum tissue around teeth to remove bacteria or prepare teeth for a variety of treatments and procedures, including root canals.
– Lasers can be used to prepare cavities for treatment by blasting away the decay and preparing a tooth for a dental filling to be inserted.
– Lasers can enhance the quality of your gum tissue by removing various abnormalities like sores and lesions.
– Lasers can be used to initiate teeth whitening gels for patients looking to whiten their teeth.
– Lasers can take off tiny amounts of tissue for cancer biopsies.

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