I have been a patient of Dr Wilhelm for 35 years and thanks to my dysfunctional genetic make up I’ve had to have extensive dental care over those 35 years. Dr Wilhelm and his professional fantastic staff have always taken such good care of me and all my family. They are solid and professional people I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. They are a fantastic outfit top-notch top of the cabin can’t speak highly enough of them

Ed H.

I’ve been seeing Dr.Wilhelm for about ten years. Even though I’ve moved out of the area I continue to arrange my travel to see him. Why? Because of the exceptional quality of his work and the overall experience with his entire team.

Larry T.

I was traveling, and eating sticky candy, and a crown with temporary cement came off. I called Dr Wilhelm and asked what I should do because it would be many weeks before I would be back to have it fixed. I was given two options; find a dentist to put it back on using temporary cement or put it back on by myself. I chose the latter because I didn’t have the trust for an out of state dentist like I do for Dr Wilhelm. Four weeks later I returned to Dr Wilhelm and had the crown and tooth inspected and permanently cemented. He assured me that everything was good and the tooth was perfect. Peace of mind.

Robert N.

Dr. Wilhelm is an artist as well as a top notch dentist. His work is meticulous, and cosmetically beautiful. He is skilled and makes every procedure look easy. He has a great personality and is trustworthy and kind. His office staff is considerate and accommodating.

Ruth E.

Love the staff and Dr. Wilhelm. Best Dentist

Victoria G.

Down to earth and upfront about everything

Michael P.

PAIN FREE!!!!!amazing and kind staff!!!

Janette S.

Dr. Wilhelm and his staff are very friendly and technically excellent. They are not in a rush and are very patient about getting things done right.

Michael S.

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