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Have you ever heard of nitrous oxide?  Through a combination of oxygen and the nitrous oxide, it can form laughing gas which is a highly effective dental sedation treatment to help relax patients who may suffer from dental anxiety. Although it is considered a mild form of sedative, it is safe enough that you can drive yourself home after any dental procedures that include it.

Not all forms of sedation are meant to overcome mild stress issues. In some instances, a sedative can be used to completely put a patient to sleep for up 2 hours on end. For the deepest level of cetaceans, anesthesia can be used, and induce a sleep state which a patient will not awake from until the sedative has completely worn off. However, if you’re looking just for a simple sedative such as laughing gas, be aware that it is not intended for extensive surgeries that may be required.

Laughing gas is highly effective and easily administered. When gas sedation is needed, a mask is placed on top of a patient’s nose and mouth from which they can breathe slowly as treatments are administered. Once the mask is removed, the effects of the sedative will wear off quickly. Thankfully, this will allow a patient to return to their day as normal with no lingering effects.

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