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When Dr. David Wilhelm secured your crown in place, he used a powerful dental cement to anchor it to the abutment within. Even though the cement is strong, there are still times when bacteria can work their way into the seam of the crown to slowly exploit the cement. In time, this could cause the crown to come loose and fall off of the abutment.

If you can’t immediately see your dentist, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to help minimize complications.

If possible, you should try to look in a mirror to inspect the abutment. If only the cement was compromised, the abutment should be whole and the crown itself should be hollow.

If you have blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. Otherwise, you shouldn’t attempt to brush or clean any of the exposed abutment or the crown. This could potentially cause further complications.

If a blow caused the abutment to break off at the gumline, you should see it inside the crown. In a case like this, Dr. David Wilhelm might have to perform a root canal. If the damage proves to be extensive, he might have to completely extract the tooth.

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