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When designing a dental crown, it’s important that the restoration be highly durable so that it doesn’t crack from daily chewing and grinding. At your initial visit to receive a dental crown, our team forms a dental impression of your tooth alignment so that an off-site dental lab can form the crown. If you would like to learn more about dental crowns, we invite you to review the process below.

Dental lab technicians use the dental impression that our team provides to visualize the tooth alignment in your smile and provide a dental crown mold that is highly accurate. This mold allows the technicians to use durable materials to create another dental impression that withstands the high heat of the creation process.

After casting the crown with metal or porcelain, technicians heat it to about 2400 °F and then cure it with an additional heating period so that the materiais hardened. When the crown has cooled down, the impression can be broken and the crown removed to receive a few finishing coats for a final polish. After ensuring the crown meets the standards for quality, it can be sent to Newport Dental Arts OC and placed in your smile at your next visit.

You are welcome to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. David Wilhelm, and our team if you are interested in receiving a dental crown in Newport Beach, California. Call us today at 949-752-1210!