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Dental stains can easily affect your smile if you frequently use tobacco and enjoy dark beverages. While this doesn’t reflect directly affect the health of your teeth, your unsightly smile can still impact your self-esteem.

You might be tempted to try the whitening products sold in stores. However, you’ll likely find that they lack the potency to improve significant dental stains. To truly restore you’re the whiteness of your smile, you’ll need Dr. David Wilhelm to administer a dental bleaching athis clinic in Newport Beach, California.

The professional tools and techniques at Dr. David Wilhelm’s disposal can effectively remove dental stains saturated deep into your tooth enamel. Afterward, he can then help you understand the appropriate measures to preserve your white smile in the long-term.

Dr. David Wilhelm will start the dental bleaching treatment by taking measures to protect your gums from the potent whitening agent. Then he will pour a small amount of concentrated dental bleaching gel into trays that are held in your mouth for a few minutes.

The severity of your dental stains might influence the total duration of the bleaching treatment. Once it’s done, Dr. David Wilhelm will use a special ultraviolet light to address any minor areas trouble spots.

If you live in the Newport Beach, California, area and you are struggling with significant dental stains on the teeth in your smile, you can call 949-752-1210 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Newport Dental Arts OC.